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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will a wetsuit be the same size as my clothes?
A: No, in most cases it will be different, especially in the larger sizes. You must measure yourself and compare it to the sizing charts on the specific suit you are looking for. In some cases you may be a 3X in one suit and a 2X in another.

Q: If I am a 2X in a Women's Wetsuit, will I be a 2X in Men's?
A: In most cases no, Men's Wetsuits tend to run a size or two bigger than Women's. A 2X in Men's may be a 3 or 4X in Women's.

Q: I'm a size 16 in Women's, how does that translate to Wetsuit Sizes?
A: It does not directly translate, measure yourself and go with the size chart.

Q: If I am a tall Woman, will a Men's Wetsuit fit?
A: In most cases if you are a Woman, taller than 5' 8", you will need a Men's wetsuit. The cut in Men's and Women's suits is very similar and the extra torso length will be needed.

Q: What is the difference in Men's and Women's Wetsuits?
A: Length for the most part, most Men's Wetsuits are cut 4-6 inches longer than Women's. In some brands, a more hourglass (smaller waist, larger hips) cut is also used. In all of these cases, if you fit the suit, it will work. Don't get caught up in Men's vs Women's Wetsuits.

Q: If I am a shorter Man, will a Women's wetsuit be better for me?
A: In most cases yes, unless you are size Medium or Smaller. In the smaller sizes, they tend to be cut shorter. Once you get past the XL, they are cut for 6' or taller, so if you are 5' 8" or shorter and more than 200 lbs, you should look at the plus size Women's Wetsuits. You will be much happier.