Founded in 2004, Tommy D Sports is dedicated to providing affordable and quality diving products direct to the public. We still think of ourselves as a small brand but we have about 50,000 wetsuits being used all over the world. Who uses our suits... just about everyone. We do tend to hit several groups specifically:

  • Plus Size People - we love them and they tend to love us. We carry up to 5x in women and 6x in men (that's a 54" waist).
  • Those really hard on suits - Gold Dredgers, Clam Diggers, Canyoneers, Bridge Workers, and Dive or Snorkel Trip Companies - all these folks love us because our suits are tough and inexpensive, a good combo. Kind of like the clothes your mom let you wear outside to play.
  • Those just dabbling in diving - if you are just beginning or are going on a cruise, it may be best to spend a little less on brand.
  • Hard core divers - those that have been around the block, and back, use our suits because they don't wear out. Check some of our comments to see what they are saying.
  • Famous People - Well sort of, check out our "Almost Famous" section to get the full scoop.
We are often asked "how can you offer quality suits and equipment at such low prices". Well it is not easy, without revealing all of our secrets, I will explain a few:
  • We do not sell retail, well not through others. If you are in Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida, give us a call and stop on by. What you will find is a very modest showroom and a huge warehouse. We stock over 8,000 suits.
  • Since our brand does not sell retail, we do not have to keep our internet pricing high as to not to compete with the retailers selling our brand.
  • Make good suits, people don't return them and instead tell others about you, free advertising.
  • It is a family affair for us, 1 hour of work = 1 hour of video games.