Super Flex Dry Snorkel
Super Flex Dry Snorkel

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At TommyDSports we carry three types of snorkels. Everyone has a style they like so do a bit of research. We carry all three types in several colors.

A classic is a solid tube with a mouthpiece. They have no splash prevention, and no purge valves, and if you dive underwater or have a wave fill the tube, you will need to clear it by exhaling forcefully. They are the least expensive and most simple design.
Semi Dry With Splash Guard
A semi-dry snorkel has a splash guard on the top, and will most often have a flexible tube and a purge valve.
Benefits Of A Splash Guard
This is simply a guard that prevents splashed water and spray from easily entering the tube. A splash guard will not stop water from entering when you go underwater or if a good sized wave covers your snorkel.
Benefits Of A Flexible Tube
A flexible tube below the strap attachment point is often more comfortable than a classic snorkel with a single piece of hard tube. It does not pry on your mouth as much, and you can rotate the top and mouth piece to different angles for a better fit to your face. It will also drop away from your face when you are not using it, which is nice.
Benefits Of A Purge Valve
This is a common feature of a many snorkels. Basically there is a collection area where any water that has come down the tube will collect (it is lower than your mouth and keeps small amounts of water from entering your mouth). There is a little valve in this area, so that when you blow out it will clear water from the tube, instead of having to blow it all out the top. It takes much less effort.
Dry Snorkel ‚ď combines the Flex Tube with a Dry Valve
Benefits of a Dry Valve
A dry snorkel has a special valve on top of the tube that completely seals out all water (and air) when a wave comes over, or when you dive underwater. That way you don't have to clear them when you come back to the surface. When done right, this is a great feature. If you do have to clear when resurfacing, the purge valve works the same as the splash guard version.

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