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Choosing the correct size?????

Wetsuits can be a bit tricky when selecting a size. Proper fit is a must to make the whole experience a good one.

So lets get a few things out of the way.....

  1. Very few people look like supermodels when wearing a wetsuit, so unless your name is Gizelle or Sven prepare yourself mentally for some humility. Luckily they don't even look good in a mask and snorkel.
  2. Wetsuits need to fit tight, if they don't then they will not work. (some exceptions include those used for jet skiing or rafting, a little loose my be preferred)
  3. If you are a 2x or a size 14, forget about it, go by the size charts, all suits are different.

Now that we have that out of the way, lets find you a suit. There are a few main measurements that are essential, let's go over them:

Men - tend to have a few less curves so there are only three main measurements:

  1. Chest - Under the armpits, fullest measurement
  2. Waist/Belly - Fullest belly measurement - this will be much bigger than your pant size, sorry
  3. Inseam - Crotch to floor - this is your jeans length - check out the back of your Wranglers
Women - the women's suits tend to be cut more hour glass shape, thus we need one more measurement for them:

  1. Hips - measure the widest part of the hip (If your hips are a bit big for the size range that usually works out fine. Hips tend to fit, chests are the one that you cannot crush into a smaller suit as easy, especially for women.)
Now you have your measurements, let's compare them to the suits. If you find a suit that you like, check out that suits specific size chart. Our suits are cut slightly differently based on model, so a 2x may be a 3x in another suit. Here is the most important point so I will put it in bold:

All of newer models have size ranges listed. The first measurement is the actual size of the suit, the second is a conservative stretch estimate. With that said, look at the chart below for the truth about stretch.

How much will they stretch? Good question, it depends... Since we deal in some really big suits, different parts of the body are more easily squished than others but as a general guideline:

1mm - a lot, 6 to 8 inches, buy these tight
3mm - a good 4 inches
5mm - 2 to 4 inches no problem
7mm - 2 inches

Now keep in mind the bigger the suit the more stretch, a 6x suit has more surface space to stretch than a Xs. Think of stretching a small rubber band vs a larger one.

Inseams and arm length - Like most clothing, our wetsuits are designed for average length arms and legs. While we cannot make them longer, most of our suits can be either altered or simply rolled up. If you think you need to roll up or alter, you may want to avoid the suits with arm and leg zippers.