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We are home watching a little HGTV or in this case AMC and we see our Rash Guard. This is the full body 8100. Later in the show they black out our logo with some Duck Tape but we know it is there!

New YouTube star, Sluice Newton, sporting some TommyDSports Gold Dredging gear!

Award winning photographer Gail Bisson stopped in to pick up another set of scuba booties. She said she walked over 100 miles in the last pair while visiting Alaska. Check out her amazing work at www.gailbissonphotography.zenfolio.com

This is from a Discovery Channel Show. We are not sure if it ever aired but we like it because
Our suits are all over the promo.

Update: Jeremy from Tennessee just bought a suit from us and relayed this message:

"I'm the one wearing the Tommy D suit in the Dixie Divers preview. The show did air once. The production company wanted to make a series but it didn't work out. Cool to see it on your site. I've been wearing your suits probably over ten years now. thanks!"

This is one of the many cool pictures of our suits and manatees out there. This one appeared in National Geographic in April 2012. Three Sisters Springs in Crystal River has hundreds of our suits being used every day by the snorkel tour companies.

Here is a Picture of our School group on a recent Manatee Trip. Lot's of TommyD gear. Thanks River Ventures and Go Canterbury Crusaders!

This is a classic, our first (and only) commercial for a local channel.

This is Zach, a local sponge diver and Youtube star. He is sporting a 1mm rear zip 9011.

This is Dave, from an episode of Bering Sea Gold. He has come into TommyDSports a few times lately to buy a few suits. He is a sponge diver

in Tarpon Springs, about 30 minutes north of us. He is saving up to rig up a dredge boat and go back to Alaska.
All I can say is this video is 100% legitimate, this is how Dave is EVERY day!

This is Dave as well, they liked him so much on that episode of Bering Sea Gold that a local show, Catching Hell, made
up a role for him. This outfit he has on here, I'm pretty sure he wore that into our warehouse just last week.