Wet suits are designed to insulate a Scuba Divers body while diving in colder water. Before selecting a wet suit, there are several factors to consider to make sure you get the best wet suit for you. First of all, determine your needs. Once you determine your needs, you can start looking for a wet suit that meets those needs. There are many types of wetsuits. For optimal diving, it is very important to find a wet suit that best suits you the SCUBA DIVER. At TommyDSports, we have wet suits to meet all of our customers needs. We have many different styles of wet suits and several different thicknesses from 1mm to 7mm for all temperatures. We are also the only online scuba diving store that carries plus size wetsuits for the big and tall with sizes up to 6x and with our exchange policy, you never have to worry about a wetsuit not fitting correctly! The ever growing sport of Gold Mining / Gold Dredging has led to TommyDsports developing many wet suits that with strong knees and elbows to increase the safety while in the many rock based rivers and ponds that our Gold Mining and metal detector customers populate. We strongly suggest that you look closely at the air temperature, water temperature, length of time under water and the exact use for the wet suit before purchasing. We sell many customers that Kayak in different climates. If you are kayaking in a climate like Florida we suggest only a 1mm wet suit, if you are using the wetsuit in a climate like the mid west during the winter we would suggest a 7mm suit with a front zipper to allow air adjustment entry while in the kayak as the 7mm and 5mm suits are very warm and only being warn just in case of an unexpected fall into the cold waters. We also suggest our standard 5mm dive boots for protection of your feet. Following these steps can save your life and allow you to enjoy your sport year round wearing Tommydsports Dive Gear. While Scuba Diving you will need to look mainly at the water temperature, the colder the water the higher thickness or MM you will need for your wetsuit. If you are in 45 degree water we would suggest a 7MM wet suit, if you are in 60 degree water we suggest a 5MM wet suit. While surfing we suggest you use a suit that is one level down from what you would use while Scuba Diving. Foe example, we sell many Surf Suits and Dive Boots to surfers in California. These customers would use a 7mm Wetsuit if they were Scuba Diving but while Surfing we suggest a 5MM Wet Suit or even a 3 MM Wet Suit in the summer months as this allows more mobility and easy flexible movement while on the surf board. The 7MM wetsuits are much stiffer and restricts the movement needed while surfing. Warm Water Scuba Diving such as Florida summer months or Caribbean Scuba Diving may only require a 1MM or a 3MM wetsuit. Many people only use a 1mm suit in waters over 78 degrees as they are looking for protection only while other that are Scuba Diving use a 3MM wet suit as they feel the cold easier then others. This is all based on your own wants and needs of exactly what a wetsuit is to be used for. We hope that we were helpful with your wetsuit selection from Tommydsports.
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